This site is all about Dave Grohl, spanning from the beginning of his musical career, to the current era. This project was created in early two thousand eleven, the idea came to me out of admiration for the original foo fighter, and a passion to create. READ MORE?

RELENTLESSLY is your unofficial resource for all things Dave Grohl; singer, friend, songwriter, best man, father, multi-instrumentalist, musician. Archived here are tour dates, articles, photos, lyrics, album reviews, and more.

Dave Grohl's onstage presence brings forth a unique experience, putting the viewer in awe of his ability to use his instrument, and voice as tools to express his inner emotion. Often defined as the nicest guy in rock, he is reluctant to succumb to the popularity that comes with being in a rock band, two qualities which are seldom found in the music industry. Dave's passion for music is further proven by his résumé, having worked with over thirty different acts, lending his talents on the drum kit to the likes of David Bowie, The Prodigy, and Nine Inch Nails.

"My biggest hero is Neil Young. He's living the life I hope I can have one day. He's living on a beautiful farm with his beautiful children and his beautiful wife. He plays concerts now and then. He still makes records. His love of music hasn't diminished. And he's remained a real person."